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Thread: Pecan Wood Box

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    Pecan Wood Box

    Sometimes when we are having a lot of stock items to turn and special orders and the like, we like to do something a little different to liven things up some. I finished this up today taking a break from some pecan cake stands. The outside diameter is 6" and the inside lip is 3 1/4". The total height is 7 1/2" and the vessel depth is about 4 1/2". The 4th shot that is supposed to show something of the inside in not very good as the flash kept kicking on. When I turned the flash off, it was really lousy. More incentive to build a new photo booth ASAP. One with better lighting, etc.. Anyway, the legs were done almost before much of anything else. After I had the wood turned to about 6 1/2" in diameter for the whole piece I laid it lengthwise on the vise on my drill press and used a 1 3/8" forstner bit to get the shape of the legs. I drilled down probably about 2" on each spot. Seems to have worked out alright. Certainly better than trying to hand cut the things. No way I can get them even doing that. Anyway, the wood was sealed as I always do with walnut oil and then I gave it several coats of my walnut oil/shellac mixture. Hopes ya likes it.

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