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Thread: Carving Wood Dolls

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    Carving Wood Dolls

    I did a little wood carving a few years back using maple wood but I had to stop because of neck and back problems...My wife loves dolls so I decided to start back about a year ago by carving a doll of my granddaughter Tessa...I still have back and neck problems so I have to limit myself to only working about an hour at a time.....So far I seem to be doing okay with that.....Since then I have carved 4 dolls: 4 year old Tessa; A 10 year old girl from Russia that was adopted by a friend of my wife's; Marie Osmond; and Johnny Bench and his locker room cubicle....all done in maple which I find is a very hard wood to carve...But I use maple because I can get it a lot cheaper then Basswood....I also make my own carving tools...A lot of them I make out of old files that I find at garage sales....They work really great and they stay very sharp.....You can also make knives out of sawzall blades......Tessa Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1100110.jpg 
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Size:	59.9 KB 
ID:	92859 ; Russian girl Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1110773.jpg 
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Size:	69.9 KB 
ID:	92860; Marie Osmond Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1090812.jpg 
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ID:	92861; Johnny Bench Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1110461.jpg 
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ID:	92862; I carved Johnny's Glove, his shin guards, his faceguard, his chest protector. his shoes, his helmet, and his clothes Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1110062.jpg 
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ID:	92863...It's a lot of fun but sometimes I get frustrated because I don't have any training back ground in art or carving...So it's all trial and error with me.....I've tried a couple of relief carvings that turned out okay...and I have dabbled a little bit in burn burning....I love that wood art medium...But I need to get better at that.....steve

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    You may complain of not having any real training, but boy, did you get likeness down! Great carvings. You havev found what works for you and your pocketbook. I suspect you are having fun, so carry one, my friend. Love to see more of your work.

    We also love to know where people are from. Check the upper right corner of our profiles and see how we identify where we are from. If you change your profile and let us know, there may be someone nearby you can connect with to help you or perhaps you can help them. Aside from which, meeting family members here face to face is real hoot and makes for some real meaningful friendships.

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    Holy cow Steve you are one very talented guy
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    Steve....Welcome to the family. Glad you found us. Your carvings are fantastic!

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    Awesome carving! you have your niche! Welcome to the forum.
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    All I can say is WOW and Welcome to the Family Steve
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    Dang, frustrated you may be but your also quite good in my opinion. The body work is really quite good, excellent proportions and shape!

    One thing I've found that helps with the back and neck issues is improved work holding setups. My setup is still pretty suboptimal, but every time I make it better it's less painful as well.

    Would love to see some of your tooling as well

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    Great-looking work, Steve. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to our Family, Steve!

    You have an amazing talent!!! Beautiful work!
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    Beautiful work!!!

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