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Thread: brass mallet

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    brass mallet

    A friend that's a machinist gave me a piece of 2" brass round. I figured I'd try and make me a mallet. I've got it started. I did some work on my wood lathe, drilling a hole for a tenon, rounding the edges, putting a slight chamfer on the bottom, and the handle epoxied in. It's not perfect, but for free she'll pass!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh, that kind of mallet. Looks good, and should give good service.

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    Free is good and you made it real good, John!!!
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    I happen to like mallets. Everyone in my shop I made. Though they all are made from wood. Mine or all pecan or bodark. I like what you did here. I'm not particularly wild about the green, but all to their own on color. But, the handle design and all is great! And, as you said free is good! Free is always good.

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    Nice carving mallet John and free brass always welcome.

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    Thanks guys! Here's a finished shot. My metal turning could be a little better, but heck I think for using a wood lathe it'll do.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That came out looking real nice, John.
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    You can be proud of that one, John. I was looking at a similar mallet the other day and wondering if I could find thick walled brass tubing to make one. The one I looked at had a thru handle and it looked like the brass tube had 1/2" thick walls. Either that or it was a casting.

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    The transition from the head to the handle is spot on. Very nicely done. The detailing on the front is pretty spiffy as well. I have a little shop fox mallet that's about the same size and its been real handy, I'm betting you'll like this one a lot.

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