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    Entertainment Centre

    Hi Folks,

    I just finished an entertainment centre for my parents. It has glass doors on the front. I'm just waiting for the glass to get cut. This picture is of it installed in their basement. Construction photos and captions are in my Picasa Album. I also have some stuff on it in my Woodworking Blog.

    Just for fun, I created a list of the tools and fixtures used to build it. It was mind boggling to create the list as I had no idea that I used so much stuff to do a project.

    Here is the pic:

    Here is a link to the list of tools used: Tools Used on Project

    Thanks for looking!

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    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the pics of a nicely done project.
    The drawer fronts worked ot real well as did the rest of your project. Mind boggling to imagine what you actually used to build this. You use quite the selection of tools. What did you need that you didn't have? anything?
    Keep on cutting.
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    I was actually embarassed when I was compiling the list. As for needing anything that I didn't have...hmmm...nope. Well, I could use a stockpile of little foam brushes...that would be nice to have a jug of those in a cupboard. I did, however, have some things that I didn't use! I was going to mortise and tenon the apron to the feet, but I forgot to add for the tenons and cut the apron pieces too short...otherwise I could have used my mortiser and tenoning jig! Heck, as I love to buy tools, that might have been a great excuse for an FMT. Now I'm just being silly. I just love tools, love woodworking, love my shop. It brings me joy. Thanks for looking and the kind comments!

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    Very nice job, Thomas. Thanks for posting the pic and links here.

    Looking at your tool list, it looks like that beech mallet really got a workout, huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Looking at your tool list, it looks like that beech mallet really got a workout, huh?
    Yeah, LOL...I was pushing on the chisel at one point and just reached over and grabbed it...WHACK...there, done. It fits nice in my hand. I wanted to make one, but I got in a hurry, as usual, and grabbed one during my weekly rip through

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    Nicely done Thomas! Thanks for posting the pics.
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