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Thread: LOML Scored Bigtime!

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    LOML Scored Bigtime!

    Got my swap project in the mail a few minutes ago. And "a few minutes" is an accurate description of how long it was mine. My wife saw this and dang near yanked it from my hands to claim it as her own. She has already declared that it will be hung on her side of the bed, over her nightstand. You have to understand that Kian has bird feeders all over the yard, and many, many feathered friends drop by to visit on a daily basis. She loves this piece because it's a bird. I like the bird and all, but I truly admire the fine craftsmanship and artistry involved in making it. Many thanks to Jim Delaney for the beautiful, generous swap gift!

    I guess I need to get my tail feathers in gear and get some photos taken of my swap offering so I can get it sent out. I've not been in a position to be able to make anything new, but I've chosen something I made a few years ago that I think will be useful and appreciated.
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    Nice job on that Jim, and kudos to you Vaughn, keeping momma happy!

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    Fantastic. That looks great Jim!
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    on all counts!!!
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    Very nice!!!! Here and I thought I'd open the post and you'd say, "when she married me."

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    seeing some of jims work laying around his house, little things, the end table he built for the show, high level craftsmanship.
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    Great job Jim looks like what happens at my house most times I'm in a swap. ✌

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    way cool!
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    I'm sure glad Kian liked it!
    Jim D.
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    Very, very nice !!!!!!!
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