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Thread: Guitar Setup Neck Cradles

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    Guitar Setup Neck Cradles

    Back to some guitar related stuff!! This week I build a couple neck cradles for doing setups and such. This was a sorely lacking feature of my shop that became clear to me when i got near the end of the 335 build. Using a technique for cutting coves on the table saw and a little bandsaw work, I end up with some very effective neck cradles in the end. Thanks for watching!

    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    Fantastic. I totally need to make a set of these. Got a few guitars to build, and some that could use a little re-work.

    Putting this in the folder.
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    Thanks, Jason. This video is very timely. A couple of these are now high on my to do list.

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    Nice, Hadn't thought of something like this, but great idea.

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