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Thread: pop finally got the safe opened, and he found....

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    pop finally got the safe opened, and he found....

    al capone's long lost laundry pickup tickets!! it turns out that the safe he got from someone about 30 years ago was a bit older than we thought. as you can see in the first pic, it has been repainted a couple of times, and those nice big holes in the door were put there by my brother, so they could open it. i've included pics of the artwork on the inside of the door, and i think that was the name of either the safe company, or the company that originally owned it. there are also pics of the artwork on the center door on the inside, and the inlay work on the 2 drawers on either side of it. i think that the picture of the back of it shows the original color, kind of a flat black i think. there is also a picture of the lock dial, with it's patent years. pop isn't quite sure what he wants to do with it. not too much to do with a paperweight that is almost a good half ton.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 001 safe front.jpg   002 inside door top.jpg   003 door middle artwork.jpg   004 inside door bottom.jpg   005 safe interior.jpg  

    006 middle door artwork.jpg   007 side drawer inlay.jpg   008 lock dial detail.jpg   009 safe back.jpg  
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    Very cool. I'd just patch up and cover the holes and paint the outside. The inside's got some great character, some decorator would probably put that to use.

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    Nice Item! It's a shame about the holes in the door, though. Did they have a locksmith try to open it first?
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    my brother is a locksmith...
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