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Thread: Friday, isn't it?

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    Friday, isn't it?

    After a good soaking yesterday, it's looking like a fine fall weekend on Canada's east coast.
    Outdoor jobs, comfort food, farmers market, maybe open up some more empty space in the barn and shop in the hopes of building something in there!

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    We do "beggar's night" here in Des Moines...that's trick or treating on the 30th instead of the Halloween!! Makes no sense to me, but has been this way for decades so that will consume tonight. Shop time in the morning tomorrow turning ornaments and a few bowls. Then the wife, the girl and I are heading to lunch somewhere and doing some early xmas shopping at some local shops. Sunday will be more shop time along with yardwork and later in the day grilling brats with onions and peppers with homemade coleslaw for the Packer v Bronco game.
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    Must get my NEW router system put together as I need it for a portion of my swap project, then continue with said swap project

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    Getting serious about swap project. Got some scheduling conflicts ahead so I better get going and decide what to make.

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    Dinner with SWMBO tonight, then watching more World Series (Go Royals!). Tomorrow I have some yard work to do, then will be testing out some engravings on some plaques. Taking the grandson Trick or Treating tomorrow night. More shop time on Sunday over grandson naps.

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word boo. Robert Brault

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    Shop time today, mostly CNC related, if you can imagine that! I finished cutting a box yesterday and have a some sanding to do on it. I'll run a test cut in MDF for a wine bottle glass holder while I'm sanding. We have a dinner guest tonight - former co-worker of Bobbie who really likes the frozen margaritas I make!

    Saturday will be some shop time, hopefully the final cut on the wine bottle thingie. We're planning to have lunch at George & Louie's, a locally owned restaurant. Then, back home to let lunch settle!

    Sunday will be the usual - newspaper with our morning coffee and tea - brunch - NASCAR - lupper - chill.
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    Spent all last week splitting wood. Got 2 full loads split on the old IH truck. Was going to start my swap project but was to tired at end of each day. Been back at school for a week now, just saw Ted's post that he is getting serious on his swap project Holy cow batman Is gots to gets started!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, rain tomorrow in the shop. No rain tomorrow, splitting wood.
    Sunday, Audrey's first birthday, cannot miss that event!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    wedding this evening, actually 4 pm, not close, so a lot of driving in Long Island rush hour traffic.
    then my favorite holiday, Im well stocked with die cast toys and costume jewelry(I purchased all new bracelets and rings this month, all new styles) not to mention tons of candy. I expect a huge turnout tomorrow.(700-1200 kids of all ages)
    My brother and sister and spouses are in from floriday for the wedding, so everyone will be at my house tomorrow also,
    My sisters husbands son will come over my sisters friends from up here, my nephews, nieces, and my sil and bil and one of their children.
    gonna a really full house tomorrow, should be a blast with all the kiddies trick or treating and costumes.

    and everyone, no matter what age, gets something.
    they come ages newborns up into late teens.

    most of the older males want candy, but the teen girls like lip glosses, jewelry, etc.

    for the really young babies, that cant have candy or a toy, I have little blue and pink stuffed teddy bears, like I said, everyone gets something. If the mommy carries the little babies to the door with a bag, its the mommies that want the candy, so we give them a treat also.

    Im set for the next couple years for costume jewelry, got about 230 dozen total assortment.
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    Interesting activities. Do want to know more about 'lupper', Bill Arnold.

    Nothing special here. Actually enjoying not having any drama in my life for a change.

    Laundry needs doing. Maybe some effort on the CNC, if there is any energy. The drill here is to lay low to let the foot heal. Get rest. Work in some exercise without overdoing anything. The day will come when I can again proceed without so many limitations. Meanwhile, I am chilling.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post favorite holiday, Im well stocked with die cast toys and costume jewelry(I purchased all new bracelets and rings this month, all new styles) not to mention tons of candy. I expect a huge turnout tomorrow.(700-1200 kids of all ages)...
    Wow, Allen, that quite a collection of treats - and 700~1200 kids? That's almost unimaginable for me!

    Where we are, we'll likely not get any t-or-t'ers, unless my niece brings her kids over to show off their costumes. It'll just be a quiet evening at home.
    Jim D.
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