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Thread: A bowl and a bowl tweaker

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    A bowl and a bowl tweaker

    Got three or four inches of rain over the last two days. Had a minor fall too. Between all of this I was stuck inside. Here is a picture of the last bowl I turned, bottom still needs work and I may put a little more finish on the whole thing or I may just buff it all like it sits. The oak bowl was cracked when I started but I figured I would decide how to repair the cracks if it survived. Thirteen inches with a 3/4 rim and walls.

    The tweaker is oak heartwood. Couldn't decide what to make with it so I made a tweaking tool. A nice way to spend an hour or so when you feel like playing on the lathe but not a real involved project. The main thing I learned turning this is that I really need to brush up on my skew work. I could have done things a lot easier with the tools I usually use but I figure the skew needs to suffer sometimes too!

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    Great job man. Really like the bowl,and if you start calling you " tweaker" a cavers mallet you might be able to sell a bunch of them

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    Good stuff Hu! sorry about the fall, bue looks like you made the best out of it!
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    Nice piece of wood you saved

    Coming into those steep transitions is a bit challenging on the skew all right. Doesn't leave a lot of room to maneuver.

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    Both of 'em look nice, Hu.
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    Good stuff, Hu!
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