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    New York

    Heading off to midtown Manhattan New York for a 3 day seminar with Dr. Jeff Badger on Grinding. Should be interesting.

    I would rather just stay home, but learning some deep stuff about grinding will also be interesting.

    Can you grind wood?

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    Don't leave yet. I have few chisels that need some serious work
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    I went to the big city once in my youth. Swore I'd never go back, but if my company sent me to Manhattan you can be sure the wife would be piggybacking on it for a few says of vacation, shopping and Broadway shows. Have fun Leo. I heard Dr. Jeff is well known among the male stripper community for his grinding seminars

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    Honestly looks a bit over my head, but should be interesting anyway. Accurate grinding seems to be much more of an art than a science still.

    You didn't just try to buy the book? I'm sure it'll be better in person anyway.

    He also has some articles over here:
    search for "Ask The Grinding Doc"

    A few of the articles I even understood some (very) small part of.

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    The book is included in the seminar. There is also some software.

    Yes it is an ART - not so much science - but there is a science to it too.

    I am a major player in manufacturing master disks to 20 millionths diameter and 10 millionths roundness and straightness.

    Just for some perspective, I think a human hair is HUGE at .003, when I am working in the world of .00002 to .00001 No mistake on the number of zeros there.

    It can take me 10-30 minutes just to measure one part - and that is only a diameter of 1.500 and 1" long

    That's my world

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