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Thread: Making Custom Sanding Blocks for Contours

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    Making Custom Sanding Blocks for Contours

    My friend Sam Porter posted this video on Facebook, and I asked him to put it up on YouTube so I could share it here with you all. He's been doing custom woodworking for 25 years or so, and this is handy a trick he uses for sanding odd contours and moldings:

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    Great idea! Thanks for posting, Vaughn.
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    Thanks Vaughn that's very clever let's hope we can remember it when needed.
    A trick I learnt online was to lay down sandpaper on the profile and use some of that solid pink or blue insulation and rub it on the sandpaper to form the profile. But in this case with a recessed profile it would not work out for sure.

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    For a couple of small projects, I did pretty much the same thing but with hot glue. Worked great.
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    Vaughn, thanks for posting. A great idea and one I will have to remember for sure.

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    I learned that one about thirty years ago. It works very well.
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    Call me picky if you want, but I would have put a paper of about the same thickness of the sand paper going to be used ( or the sand paper itself) under the plastic sheet, in order not to distort the size of the moulding. The plastic sheet is microns thick but the sand paper is way thicker than that depending on the grit.
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