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Thread: Glue question

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    Glue question

    I use yellow carpenter's glue for most of my glue ups, and have, really, no joint failures. However, I am gluing blocks to the inwales of my canoe, and this will require some gap-filling, no matter now carefully I match the block to the inwale. So, I am thinking about Gorilla Glue, or similar. When this expands, will it have the strength to hold the seats up? The strain will be a shear strain, as the force on the joint will be straight downwards, and any gaps will probably be on the order of 1/32" or less. I intend to reinforce it with a pair of #14, 2" screws as well, but I don't want the seat suddenly plunging to the bottom of the canoe when I am half a km out on Lake Ontario. Will the Gorilla Glue do the job, or something else, or something else altogether?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    So, I am thinking about Gorilla Glue, or similar. When this expands, will it have the strength to hold the seats up?

    Personal recommendation would be to glue in some really thin shims to fill the gap or (better) to use sandpaper to "lap" the pieces together (basically stick sandpaper to the boat side and then lap the block to that) before gluing to get a gap free joint.

    Failing that mix some wood dust into epoxy and use that - it won't be as strong as a wood-wood bond but is probably the next best thing.

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    I concur with what Ryan said.

    Gorilla glue would fail the first time you sat on the seat.
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    I'll pile on, Gorilla Glue is not gap filling. I like both of the ideas that Ryan offered, the thin shims one best.

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    When I helped my dad build several boats many years ago, we would not use anything except resourcinol glue, but it did not have good gap filling qualities.

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    The foam of Gorilla Glue has almost no strength, so once it becomes gap filling, it is little more than calk (and I would choose other things for calk).

    I haven't done tests on the strength of epoxy, but it does great as a gap filler, especially when mixed with some sawdust or other bulk.
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    I just hung the seat on my canoe from the inwales with 3/16" carriage bolts run through dowels. No extra blocks to glue up or fail.

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    There are gaps and then there are gaps. But you only have two options that I see. Better fit or use epoxy. Epoxy is the only glue that I am aware of that has gap filling ability.
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    On the little sail boat I have been working on for 9 years and have yet to finish, I used "fumed silica" mixed in the epoxy where I needed gap filling. Works great.
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    I also say NO - to using ANY adhesive to hold the seat in place - there is NO adhesive I will recommend.

    The seat needs to be supported is "some" fashion - preferably from "under" the seat.

    In the following myriad of images the vast majority of seat are in some way supported - most from under the seat.

    In fact - you do not need any adhesive at all and you don't need to worry about gaps.

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