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Thread: Welding Wood?

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    Welding Wood?

    Is this really possible?
    I've heard of it being done with plastic and metal , but not with wood
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    Very interesting if true. And it seems true:
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    Tony, article says that "it appears" to weld, but is short of saying that is does happen.

    Also that it is not water resistant, suggests that it is not really welding.

    The bond to me, does not appear to be stronger than the wood, therefore not really a weld. It "may" be good enough for something, but Titebond is still stronger.

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    I saw a demo by an old master years ago. He was arguing how good a joint could/should be with hand planes. He then put a tiny bit of wood glue between the pieces and rubbed them together until they got tacky, then set them aside without any clamps, and went on with his demo. A while later (20 minutes?) he went back and nobody could break the joint apart. Close to welding if you count the drop or two of glue as flux
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    At some point, I would think it will be possible, when we have developed nanotechnology and the ability to control DNA. We could just activate the cellular fibers and make them grow/weld together.
    Of course then you get into the whole genetically modified debate, then.

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    I'm a-doubtin' 'er. I don't see how this would be any better than good carpenter's glue, which can stick so hard the wood fibres come off when you break the joint.

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    Rub two pieces of wood together fast enough and you get fire not wood. Been done for centuries, still being done. The video looked like they stopped just short of the real result!
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    How about something like this?

    I've seen a microwave used to similar effect.

    I see a problem with scale for the linear friction idea. How would you do it on large pieces?
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    RF glue is pretty slick and about as close to welding wood as you're going to get. Pretty instantaneous results. I wish there wasn't a zillion other dollars that need to be spent first
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    I remember doing this in shop class back in the 70's. It allowed us to do our glue-ups without waiting. That way we were able to spend more time on the projects, instead of the next day. Dan

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