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Thread: New router system :-)

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    New router system :-)

    Needed a new way to make a certain part for my swap project (will post pics tomorrow on where I am on that) so I now have a incra LS positioner system with an incra lift and downdraft system, color me happy now I can complete my project
    sorry it is upside down, but that matches me
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    Do you need special anti-gravity clamps to hold the workpiece in place? And since it's upside down, wouldn't that make it an UPdraft system?

    Here are the pics, flipped...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great setup, Tom. I love the Incra fence on my tablesaw.
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    Ha! I was going to say, "that is one way to keep the dust out of the cabinet", hang it from the ceiling.

    Looks like a handy tool to have around, nice job on it.

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    Thanks Vaughn, dont know why pics are either upside down or sideways when I post from my iPhone or iPad??? Same pics will work fine from my Mac at work

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    Tom, you're gonna love that system! I've had the 25" LS Positioner system on my router for many years and added the table saw system last year. I wouldn't want to be without them now!!!
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    Nice !!!!!!!!!!

    I've wanted one for quite some time
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    How many different machines do you plan to plug in on top of the router? I count 5 unused sockets on it, or is it that you only have one socket in all your shop?
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    I've long wished for one of those, congrats!

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    Very nice job. How does dust collection work? Or just let the chips fly?

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    Oh great Vaughn. Here thought Tom had come up with the answer to that age-old question; "How do I route the top of the board?" and then you go and flip the pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by David Johnson View Post
    Very nice job. How does dust collection work? Or just let the chips fly?
    Looks like he's got a Clean-Sweep (or whatever the brand name is) around the router under the table. That'll be a joy to use Tom. Have fun.
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