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Thread: the motor question

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    the motor question

    Hi people!
    I purchased my first table saw. It is DeWalt. However, I have to replace the motor, because the previous owner burnt it.
    What advice can you give regarding a good motor?
    I only know that it should be TEFC.

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    Take it to an electrical shop and have it rewound. In most cases it will be better and cheaper than new. I had that done to a Grizzly motor on my mill. Cheap piece of Chinese crap is 10 better than original.
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    Model number of the saw will help too.
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    Seems unlikely that the motor itself should 'burn,' since it should have some thermal/overload protection built in. Could it be that just the start/run capacitor is what's burnt? (Quite a common occurrence) If so, a new capacitor is a just a few bucks - and not the hundred-plus that a complete new motor would cost.

    Providing them saw's model number - and perhaps a picture - would be helpful.
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    What Jim said is good advice. But, if you really need to replace check out Harbor Freight. They often have great sales on motors. I got a 3 hp 220V for about $150.00 with no shipping charges from them.
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    Thanks guys for your tips. I want to replace the motor and forget about it not to have problems with in future.
    This is my DeWalt model DW744XRS.
    What about these technical characteristics

    Will it suitable for my table saw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    Seems unlikely that the motor itself should 'burn,' since it should have some thermal/overload protection built in. Could it be that just the start/run capacitor is what's burnt?
    jim, i had the motor burn out (no flames, but a fair amount of smoke), when the start/run capacitor failed, and fried the motor on my drill press. replacing the capacitor didn't help, as the motor was fried. as it was under warranty, grizzly replaced the motor assembly at no charge.
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    That' a very low power motor....6.6 amps. Looks like your OEM motor had 15 amps. Seems to me like it's way to small.

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    Here is a link to a site where you can obtain parts for your saw. I see from the breakdown you can get armature etc. Would be well worth looking into because these parts would be drop in replacements. They dont show the motor as a unit and you need to think twice about buying just any motor and trying to make it fit. Better to take it apart and check what has gone on the motor.

    How do you know the motor is burnt. What checks have you done. Sometimes something simple like a poor quality main switch could be the issue if dust gets into its contact. Does the housing of the motor have a whole lot of burnt black marking on it as if it had a burn out?

    The motor is a two part unit armature and windings. Item 73 shows it as brushes have you checked on these. Looking at the parts diagram seems to me for reasonable money relative to the saws price new you could fix this with the proper parts.

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