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Thread: pantry project for next year

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    pantry project for next year

    just when i thought that the wife had run out of furniture ideas, she sprung a new one on me. she now wants to replace her beloved ivar from ikea, and said that i needed to design a pantry to replace it. been working on this design for the last few weeks. its based on the idea of a chef's pantry, and livened up with a little bit of cnc work on the door panels. each door has a set of shelves on the inside, with a single shelf in the upper area. the lower doors have shelves on the inside, with a pair of hinged shelves on the inside, swinging out in the opposite direction of the outer doors. not wanting to waste any space, behind the inner doors are a set of shelves. herself has approved the design as is.
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    Nice layout, Dan! If momma's happy, well ... that's all that matters!
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    Looking forward to see it finished and also the process pics!
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