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Thread: Happy Veterans Day!

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    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thank you to all that have served and those serving.

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    ..and Happy Remembrance Day to our friends up north. A special day to remember all those who serve or served.

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    Thank you to all who have, are, or will serve their country.
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    Thank you to all that have served or still serve in the various services and I include police, firemen and paramedics besides the armed forces.
    I was a little disappointed today at the turnout at the ceremony held near where I live. Crowd gets smaller each year as the members of the legion get fewer and fewer. One would think we can spare a few minutes of our lives once a year to pause and remember all the fallen in various conflicts , heck we owe our life of relative security to them.
    I despise the companies making a commercial sale out of a event like veterans day or remembrance day whichever you prefer to call it. Can't we have just one day without commercializing it.
    My thoughts today were for my Dad who spent years at sea battling the German navy in WW2. I was wondering just how many sea miles he covered in less than luxury craft.
    Then I was thinking about the thousands of young men who died in South Africa in the bush war that went on across the borders of South Africa and South West Africa at one time facing over 20 000 Cuban soldiers all because of cold war. They would have be around today but sadly their ultimate sacrifice was in vain.
    We take our security too much for granted in my opinion.

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