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Thread: Good weather for November

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    Good weather for November

    It'll get up to 13º today, and hover between 10º and 15º until Thursday, so this may be my last chance to get some things finished before it gets cold. Winter's on its way.

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    I am finishing up putting the yahd to bed and tucking her in for a long winters nap today. It is in the mid 50's and sunny. Awesome day to be outside.

    I will drag the snow blower into the shop on Thanksgiving weekend and be ready for the show season.

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    Mowed my lawn yesterday (basicly mulched leaves), latest I have mowed ever that I can remember. Tractor put away, fired up the snowblower for the first time in 2 years, so ready to go, bring on the snow

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    Still picking peas, kale and broccoli, but a frost is predicted. Yesterday I brought the bougainvillea into the house to overwinter. Winter is coming slowly. I can wait.

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    62 right now it rained last night supposed to stay cool for a few days then back up to the 70 by thur. still wearing shorts.
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    Well, it's 71F here right now - forecast to be 80F Tuesday.

    It's tough, but someone has to live here!
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    About 55F here. Just in from filling up the K75S. Going out for a small ride again.

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    Been a pretty nice day here also, 57F. Got stuff cleaned up in the shop and made room to get the truck in again. I brought the trailer in instead and repacked bearing and replaced the seals, long over due too.

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    Today last year it snowed. Yesterday we picked the last of the basil as the leaves were just starting to drop. Today some of the trees started doing leaves so it must have gotten down to chill territory a couple nights ago.

    Supposed to warm up later in the week again though.

    Then I see the snowpocalypse down by Brent and Jim.

    It is crazy weather.

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    Been a bit warmer that average the past week or so but this week is supposed to be closer to normal.
    I rolled up the awning over the deck and won't be rolled down until next April. Snowblower has been ready to go for weeks now.
    Leaves still cover my yard. I really have to get them off the lawn before the snow comes.
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