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Thread: Finally finished the dining table

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    Finally finished the dining table

    I promised SWMBO a new dining table for Thanksgiving, last thanksgiving
    Finally done and she is happy. She even suggested that I probably could have finished it much sooner if I had more Festools! What a lady!

    The wood is walnut with lots of sapwood. Finish is solarlux lemon yellow dye, mohawk burnt amber glaze, rockhard varnish, and menzerna polish. Thanks Per for the rockhard/menzerna tip!

    Thanks to John Downy and others for help with the breadboard process.

    Well, I guess I better get started on Christmas stuff, hopefully I'll have some done for Valentines .
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    That looks very nice, Jesse. I'm guessing LOYL figures it was worth the wait.
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    I'm sure the promised delivery date was forgotten as soon as she saw that beautiful table. Great job Jesse.

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    Now that’s something to be proud of!

    Beautiful work Jesse. The finish looks great!
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Great job Jesse. Looks great

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    Whats for dinner?

    nice lookin table jesse, the walnut looked nice and the sheen looks great as well.. good thing per is freidnly sort huh and he's expeiernced too
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    Beautiful Jesse! It sure looks like it was worth the wait, what new Festies are ya gettin'?

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    Oh Jesse,
    I am sorry it turned out so flat on top. Stuff just happens some times
    Oh, Oh did you want it flat?
    Fine project , great client!
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    Beautiful work Jesse! I'll have to check into the rockhard finish for a project. That Walnut really looks great!

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    Beautiful table, nice finishing job.

    Did you make the chairs as well?
    Cheers! - Jim

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