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Thread: Paint sticks Wagner

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    Paint sticks Wagner

    So I am up to my eyeballs in painting a whole house.
    Well best device I ever came across courtesy of Darren was the Wagner paint stick.

    Well I been using my second one and had a leak from the one O ring type rubber seal on the roller.

    So I hit the Borg thinking they may have parts...well who was I fooling. Duh.

    What I found though that is worth sharing is a new mini version and I purchased one because there are places where the length of the normal one is awkward to deal with.

    Here is a pick of the new mini version. There are two of them a 6 inch and I guess about 4 inch here is a link.

    Its a bit messy to change over on this unit from sucking up paint to rollering but its still a huge time saver and does an incredible job.

    On the downside, I had thought the rubber type seal would be a match for the big paint stick as they the same concept but not same size.

    All that was because here in Canada I cannot get parts online unless I pay shipping charges that are exorbitant.

    So set of O ring replacement parts is $2.99 and shipping over two weeks is $25 plus.
    Made no sense.
    Such is life this side of the border. Drives me nuts that no one carries the small stuff anymore. Could have shipped them to my Niagara address but with exchange rate lately have not been using it so not worth the drive. Oh well we can't have it all our way.

    Back to painting.


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    Love those things. And that mini one looks great.

    I can't tell you how many times this little kit has helped me out around here....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If it's the one around the end of the roller, I've had it gunk up before and start dripping. It's more of a cup shape than an o-ring. I keep a little Vaseline around when I clean up these things and give all the o-rings a light coat before putting them away, seems to help with keeping the paint from hardening on them. Might be able to put some on the one you have and get it cleaned up a little, which I think succeeded with the one that was dripping on me.

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    Thanks Brent , yeah I have that kit but like Darren said its more of a cup type.
    Darren that's exactly what I read about in this new mini. In fact they now put a tiny pack of white grease petroleum jelly they call it, (Vaseline ) in the box.
    I used this before even using this mini.
    If u have not tried the mini before give it a go. Bit messier than the stick but its a hoot to use in close quarters like say a closet.

    What really gets me is why HD cannot stock the $2.99 replacement kit available from Wagner or Ereplacement parts.
    If only those guys would ship via USPS then an envelope would suffice and make purchasing them viable.
    Have greased the stick too and cleaned the cup style o ring and will see if it drips today.
    Still its an amazing productivity gain using one and I think you end up with a better paint job as a by product.

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