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Thread: Any Romantics among us?

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    Any Romantics among us?

    So one thing about painting, it gives u loads of time to think. Lol

    Well I was thinking of all the weekend news from Paris and thinking back to how we coped with this as constant way of life with not a soul in the world caring.

    Well we would get dressed up as youngsters talking around mid 20's and go out now and then to what we thought of as a "Frank Sinatra style " club/restaurant and dance the night away to sounds very different from most other days or clubs/discos at the time.

    One of the songs the cover band and Cabernet artist/singer would perform was this one

    Then something like this

    Yeah for a few hours we were Casanovas dressed to the nines throwing away our coin and living it up because next day we may just be dead in a bomb blast.

    Good times

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    Rob, I cannot imagine what it was like for you and your family to have to live through times like you did. We have had it pretty good here in the USA for a long time. I hope it can stay that way. Recent events have really bothered me. The world is changing, as it always does I suppose but why violence?
    If they wanted money or power or land I might understand...but to just kill and then expect to die......doesn't make sense to me. I realize that other parts of the world have a different mind set than we do here but senseless violence really bothers me.
    Its good to know that although you lived through times like that you can still think clearly, dream of brighter days and remember the good memories.
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    Did somebody say 'Romantics'?!?

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    Sorry folks. I am about as romantic now as a crocodile with indigestion.


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