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Thread: "Honey of mine, this ain't what it appears to be" MSDS alcohol

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    "Honey of mine, this ain't what it appears to be" MSDS alcohol

    Some will recognize the line from the old country song, "Honey of mine this ain't what it appears to be."

    I'm annoyed, I have bought seventeen gallons of denatured alcohol lately to soak bowl blanks in. Reading about high methanol contents in some of the denatured alcohol I just checked the MSDS. 75% methanol!!

    Fifteen dollars a gallon for methanol and I would have been about as well off paying three dollars a gallon for gasoline to soak my bowls in to make them dry faster.

    Not a happy camper. I think I have five gallons unopened. I wouldn't have thought that methanol could have legally been marketed as ethanol. Live and learn I guess.


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    That's interesting information. I use DNA on occasion, but not in that quantity. Seems weird to have that kind of methanol levels in it. Guess they are putting it in everything. Might need to check the ingredients in my Dr. Pepper now. I always just brushed it on real good and put it in my kiln. But that is disgusting.

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    Hu would have been easier to just buy a few jugs of moonshine. Then at least you know you getting the right thing. We have the problem in Canada of our gov feeling the need to protect us from ourselves so we cannot buy it here/ We can get the fake stuff like you experienced though.

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    Mentioned in another post . . . Klean Strip Green DNA:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ethanol is a fine beverage, or ingredient in beverages. The US government taxes it at extreme levels. One woodworker I know buys moonshine (at highest proof, almost pure ethanol) to mix shellac; and pays the liquor tax. If you have a friend in research, they can buy "lab" alcohol, which is 195 proof Ethanol (with no liquor tax).

    Methanol is poisonous but otherwise similar to Ethanol. So a small percent of Methanol makes the Ethanol undrinkable, and therefore not subject to federal tax.

    When I visited the pits at he Indianapolis Speedway a few years ago, our group had to be briefed on Methanol fires... If we saw someone jumping around like they were on fire, but didn't see any flames, they were probably on fire - get help - since you couldn't see the flames from the methanol fuel burning. Scary warning, but fortunately we didn't need to use the briefing.
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