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Thread: How Do You Ebonize Wood...

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    How Do You Ebonize Wood...

    How do you ebonize wood? Anybody got any info on this. What wood does it work best on? Appreciate any info you can provide.


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    I have read that if you take viniger and schreaded steelwool and put it in a container for a week or so it forms a brown solution that will ebonise wood. I am also told that woods like walnut work best. I have never tried it but thats what I've been told..
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    I have done a few projects in oak and walnut with the recipie seen here:

    Works well - just remember to wash the steel wool!

    Good luck,


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    Thanks guys. Wes, that recipe looks like the ticket. Thanks,


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    another method is plain ol` india ink.......tod
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    Tod, good idea. That would be a little quicker.


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    Corey, I have used the steel wool and vinegar thing, I have used stove or lamp black, and I have used Rustoleum! A thinned coat of Rustoleum or other black paint can go a long way to ebonizing, and if you want it really black, don't thin the paint!

    Bill Grumbine

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    Thanks Bill, all pretty easy solutions.


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    Analine dye works well also

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