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Thread: Padauk and Maple Nightstand - Red and White

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    Padauk and Maple Nightstand - Red and White

    Shaker(ish) style nightstand in African Padauk and Maple

    Recently completed this for my wife. The top and drawer fronts are African Padauk. The rest of the body is hard maple. Yes, the colour is all natural.

    But yes, the colour will likely change over time.
    More details, including some sketchup diagrams with dimensions are on my website.

    I saved expensive wood by just laminating a thin 1/4” veneer on the front of the drawers.

    Used a new finish - Minwax oil-modified waterbased poly. Nice stuff, levelled very nicely with almost no bubbles. Not sure how it can be both oil-modified AND waterbased

    Finished shots

    Build video: (IT'S REALLY LONG, SORRY!)
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    After I posted this on youtube and reddit there was a number of comments on the colour change of Padauk, so I put together a quick rough video where I compare this brand new project to a few older projects using Paduak to look at the colour change. (also looked at some other colour changing woods.

    A few folks later suggested that bloodwood did not change quite so quickly/dramatically. I have not tried that out for myself yet...
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    Sweet looking little nightstand Art. Great contrasts. I get by to visit a couple that own a piece I made for them that has some padouk panels in it; also contracted with maple. I hardly recognized it when I saw it about 6 months after delivery . I still do a double take whenever I stop by. With just a clear shallac finish and its position where it catches afternoon sun the padouk is near-purple now .
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    I also like the contrast. You did a great job with the video. You are a natural at narrating. Loved it all except for the euro tech background music.
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    Nice job Art, the contrasts work well together.

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    Wowsa, that's a show stopper. I like what you did with the grain flow on the drawer fronts.

    Will have to get back to the build video later...

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    Thats a great combination of wood. The piece is a real attention getter. Thanks for posting the video. The color change of purple heart is dramatic over time and good to actually see an example.


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    I made a padauk stool about one or two years ago, and I kept it inside a carton box, even having been there it darkened. The finish was clear lacquer.

    I left some unfinished scraps under the sun behind a window and they turned almost black i a few days.

    It is a pity how so many beatiful coloured woods darken or change their colour, I also wanted to maintain the yellow from an osage orange piece I had and I couldn't.

    Great video Art, thanks for posting it.
    Best regards,

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    Very nice work, Art. Thanks for posting.
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