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Thread: Slow Twin Beds

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    Slow Twin Beds

    I am a slow woodworker. These beds have taken more than a year to complete, not steady work, but slow progress, interrupted by smaller projects and daily life. I used plans from Plans Now with some changes to the dimensions. This is the 1st project I have used plans for, usually I build from my sketches or old style drafted drawings. Another first was finishing before I glued it up.

    They are made from hard maple and african mahogany and finished with oil based urethane on the maple and shellac on the the mahogany.

    This is a picture of the milled parts for one bed, each bed has 8 floating slates in the head and foot board.Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is the completed bed set. Click image for larger version. 

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    I enjoyed this project, but still glad to move on to something else.


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    Great looking beds Bill don't feel bad, your not the only slow woodworker here took me 5 years to build my kitchen

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    Those are beauties, Bill! For some reason, beds are a really slow build item here. Mine has been in the planning stage for at least three years, maybe more. At least I have the lumber. Now tables....that's a whole nuther story.

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    That's a neat pair of beds. It was worth the time!

    When it comes to "slow" I am not talking for fear of incriminating my self.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Apparently beds are the slow thing. I've had the lumber for ?5? years or thereabouts.

    Those are nice ones, I like the curves on the side rails and the post caps are something to think about... I haven't decided what to do there on mine yet but I like those ones.

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    Very nice, Bill. I agree with Ryan...the curves on the side pieces are a nice touch. I'm sure those beds will be used for generations.
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    Great looking beds Bill. Definitely worth the wait
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