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Thread: ? Black Friday ?

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    ? Black Friday ?

    Sooo - now that black friday has been extended - in some cases 2 weeks previous to the date - and I am sure will be carried past the date.

    Why on earth would anyone get up at 2:00 a.m. to camp out in front of a store?

    Black Friday seems to have been reduced.

    Do we now NEED a white friday? The special deal day to supercede black friday

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    I saw somewhere people are camping out for a Darth Vader toaster that won't be available until midnight on Thanksgiving...funny thing is, you can order on Amazon now for cheaper and free your warm toasty home.

    I'll be in a booth at a local handmade craft fair slinging my of the tag lines they are using in marketing for it is. "Injury free black friday shopping". If it wasn't for this show, I wouldn't be leaving the house probably.
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    I did 0530 a few years ago for a Wii my daughter wanted as a family gift. Shortly before the store opened and with a whole bunch of people waiting in line, an associate came out, announced limited quantities available and handed chits to the few first people in line. Target had only five of them. I was number five. Never again. I won't even get up that early to go fishing....well, maybe salmon fishing.

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    I did Lowe's two different years a few years back. They had some items I could use - seriously. Each time, I was among the first in line and got the items I wanted and then some. LOML and I watch sales, discounts and coupons all year long, so most Black Friday sales don't do much for us. The post I made about Inventables is applicable to some folks on FWW and is online and is now, so it kinda makes sense.
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    Lee Valley usually has their scratch and dent sale around this time. I can't remember if it's black Friday or cyber Monday though? I generally don't go out on Friday. The older I get the less I like crowds!

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    LOML really enjoys going and fighting the crowds early Friday morning. It has become one of her rites of the season. She usually doesn't go with the intention of buying anything specific, but she enjoys looking for sale prices.

    I couple of years ago I got some good deals at a local music store on a few accessories like strings and guitar cables, but since their customer base is made up of musicians, "opening early" for them meant 9:00 AM instead of 10:00 AM. I got there before noon and they still hadn't sold out on their doorbusters. I see they're going to be having another sale this year, and the people who get there between 9:00 and 10:00 can enter a drawing for a $500 gift certificate. I want to pick up some $3.00 microphone cables anyway, so I'll plan to get down there before 10:00. Odds should be pretty good, since there will only be about a dozen of us musicians up at that early hour.
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    I don't get up at 2 but I do rise at 3 and head out, the farm is 2 hrs away and a 30 minute canoe and hick to my stand , I cant figure out any reason other than that.
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