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Thread: Jet Clamps 50% ...Again

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    Jet Clamps 50% ...Again

    I hesitate to post this after last years circus, but I just ordered five of the 12"ers @$19.99 ea. Free shipping on orders over $99.

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    Yeah I saw that and thought my army steel helmet would not protect me so I did not post it. Lol

    Good deal I also looked hard at the 12" But I think I have enough clamps for now.

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    Already all marked out of stock.

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    Tried to order but they are out of stock
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    I saw woodcraft has the jet clams on sale for 50% off also, so might check over there...

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    Oops, shoulda placed my order last night. Its funny, I didn't need them enough to take a few moments to order but, now that they are out of stock, I feel I missed out

    The deal at Rockler is still good if you need 24" and 31" clamps:
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