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Thread: Adding profiles to vcarve

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    Adding profiles to vcarve

    I saw on the legacy cnc site they had downloads for profiles (dxf) of the magnate brand of bits, just copy the profiles you need from the main drawing. I'm guessing they should match several other bits we'd use. Might save you some drawing, but always good to double check them.

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    Thanks for the information, Darren.
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    Nice Video

    Comes in really handy for lots of stuff.

    One drawback is that you cannot do a profile that is larger at the bottom than the top is. You cannot do a dovetail cutter, or a key slot cutter.

    When I do my doors, I can do the panel cutter - but NOT the rail and stile cutters - at least not the slot part.

    There MUST be a progression where the bottom is larger and there is a regular progression from bottom to top where every change in diameter from bottom to top is same as or larger than the previous.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The form on the left is OK - but the form on the right for my rail cutter is NOT OK, because of the slotting part. If I removed the slot cutter, it would be OK.

    Vectric is a BAS Relief carving software, not full 3D. It is an incredably powerful tool for the price but it does have some limitations. It cannot do any undercutting.

    Of course you can be "creative" and put a dovetail cutter in the spindle and do undercutting on the machine. You can run a profile pass in Vectric. The dovetail will run in the profile pass but will not display on the toolpath preview.

    I fully plan to use my rail and stile cutters and I "might" use Vectric to program the toolpath, but my methods will be unconventional from the "normal" for Vectric programming. There is also nothing stopping me from just hand coding the toolpath.
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