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Thread: Survived Lee Valley Cyber Monday

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    Survived Lee Valley Cyber Monday

    I usually do more to contribute to Rob's grand kid's college fund but, I actually resisted some really fantastic Cyber Monday deals. Block planes, Low Angle Jacks, medium and large Shoulder Planes, Scraper Planes, Router Planes . . . the mind boggles. Someone could have gotten a great start on their hand plane arsenal in one fell swoop. Anyone fail to resist?
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    I held out, though in all honesty everyone else beat to me most of the stuff. Still, I've though long and hard about one of the discounted gift card thingys and so far I've decided to pass.

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    I succumbed to the temptation on a couple of the mini planes to round out my collection (they're actually kind of handy for small stuff). Was saved from myself on a couple of others as they were already sold out (missed one by literally the 2 minutes).

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    I sprung for one of the medium shoulder planes. Been wanting one for awhile.

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    I was late .. and thank goodness they were all sold out. I would have pounced on those planes for sure. Oh well. There is always next year.

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