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Thread: My Turn

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    My Turn

    Well IMO i got ya all beat. I just got home and the wife said what did you order? Looked at the package and seen it was from Tom. Yep i got his fantastic box and the wife can't have it. Tom this really is a top shelf box and it will always be displayed out in the open, along with the best stuff i've gotten over the years. Yes this rates right up there with the best of the best. Thank you man.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	001 (800x556).jpg 
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Name:	003 (708x800).jpg 
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    I was the lucky winner o one o Toms boxes in a swap a few years ago and I know he does irst rate work. mine is on display on the fireplace mantel. Congrats.
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    Tom makes a mighty fine box! i've got one too! Contratulations Steve!
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    Congratulations Steve and Tom for another great swap

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    You gotta LOVE those wooden hinges.

    Gorgeous wood.

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    Glad it made it there in one piece happy you like it Steve

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    Congrats Stephen. That looks real nice. Tom you did a great job with that one.
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    He sure does nice work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    ...happy you like it Steve
    Anybody in their right mind would like that box. So would Steve, even though the whole "right mind" thing might be a bit of a stretch, lol. Beautiful work, Tom.
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    That's a great box. One of my kids would be sure to claim it immediately.

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