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Thread: Friday

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    Been a very busy, but productive work week, glad to have it over. No grandson to play with this weekend, so just relaxing a little tonight. I'm looking to start cutting some clutter around the house and shop, so making some lists and planning out the weekend. Yeah, I know that isn't relaxing, but having a plan helps me relax. We have a holiday party tomorrow to attend. Then I promised my wife to finish up some floor moldings around the house for her birthday, so will be picking some of that up tomorrow to get painted and trying to get it started going in. Other than that, maybe a little shop time Sunday since it's in the 50's here.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Our Lions club craft fair is Saturday. I'll be busy all day with that.

    Sunday is Church then putting the final coat of poly on my grand daughters bed.
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    Busy weekend here. Lots of paper work - for the house and for a church committee. Also preaching on Sunday and the sermon needs completion. Laundry awaits, as usual. And teaching a class tomorrow night. Four activities on Sunday making that an exceptionally long day. And I am nowhere near in the shape I need to be in to get all this done!

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    Taster tray and serving tray mock ups for a friends brewery, and a bit of blackboard construction perhaps as well.

    If I get through that (unlikely since we're apparently going to the next town over tomorrow so that'll kill a good part of the day ) I'd LIKE to get back to the pantry organizing that hasn't happened for several months, because.. this and that and this and that.

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    Final touches on the TEMP kitchen cabinet

    My shop is TORE APART right not. Cannot really get into any sort of project.

    NEW CNC coming Monday

    Next week is installation and some rearranging of the shop.

    Gonna be a busy week

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    Christmas decorations. Gotta make a new 20' tall lighted tree this year using the flag pole as the base. This ought to be interesting.

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    Tomorrow is the first of my Holiday Markets... so up an off to K'ville early for that.

    Sunday I have to tear down the lathe again... looks like the e-ring keeper on the spindle shaft has popped off or slipped out of the slot and let the pulley slide back against the housing, so no speed change and the pulley is locked against the housing and lets the belt slip... Oh Joy!!

    Then have to put the new motor on the band saw... it came tonight via UPS. May have to call in a friend for that or else turn the saw over... naturally the motor is on the bottom of the saw.
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    As it's supposed to get up to 10º tomorrow, I may be able to turn out one last bowl before winter. Maybe on Sunday, too.

    I could use a few prayers myself. As I may have mentioned, or not, four people who had been close to me died in three weeks in November. As a result of my niece's passing, I am now helping to take care of her 12 year old daughter at my house (My niece's mother lives with us as well,) and her dog, which I didn't want. On top of all that, my church which I have attended for 25 years is teetering on the brink of closing, and I don't think it will last. This all is leaving me on the brink of a serious depression. I have been there before and I didn't like it. I'm not sure the meds will help all that much. If you can spare a few seconds to mention me to the Big Guy, I would appreciate it.

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    Sending my best your way, Roger.

    Saturday I need to get some more drywall texturing done where I'm installing a ceiling fan in the kitchen. Had to relocate the junction box, so now I'm hiding the old location. Should have had it done days ago, but I've been fighting a cold for the past couple of weeks, and haven't had the energy to mess with it. Also planning to go to a friend's house and help him figure out what it'll take to run some extra circuits in his garage/shop. He has a new Jet 1642 lathe showing up in a week or so, and he's needing some 220v circuits to power it.

    Sunday I'll be helping SWMBO get her Christmas decorations out of the storeroom and put on display. Hopefully I'll be able to get the ceiling fan project buttoned up, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    ....I may be able to turn out one last bowl before winter. Maybe on Sunday, too.....If you can spare a few seconds to mention me to the Big Guy, I would appreciate it.
    Turning is wonderful therapy, Roger. I know things are piling up on you and hope you can find a way to adjust to the new circumstances and that things start looking up. Best wishes to you and your family.

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