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Thread: Bent lamination dresser pulls, process and results.

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    Bent lamination dresser pulls, process and results.

    Several months ago I shared a design idea for bent lamination dresser pulls. I have some process and results photos to share.

    I begin by creating templates, bending form and shop sawn veneers of cherry and curly maple.

    The veneers are glued up using weldwood plastic resin glue and a vacuum press.

    The laminations are scraped, sanded and jointed on one edge.

    I created a curved support jig for cross cutting the bent laminations. It comes in handy for scraping and sanding the inside of the curved pieces too.

    The pulls are then ripped to width

    The pulls will be attached to the drawer fronts with contrasting walnut dowels and a flat long grain surface. A curved jig is used at the table saw to trim away the ends of the curved pieces to create the flat surface needed for attaching the pulls.

    Once the pieces are cut to dimension I drill holes for the dowels. A fence and stop block ensures accurate repetitive drilling.

    The ends of the pulls are rounded over using a disc sander.
    With all the parts pre sanded the pulls are glued to the drawer faces.
    I am satisfied with the end results and have achieved the look and functionality I envisioned. I created two sizes of these pulls. A narrow 7/8 single dowel and a wider 1 double dowel version. The 7/8 version is shown below on what will be the drawer faces for the convertible changing table I built years ago.

    Thanks for looking.

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    That's a well thought out process, and very nice final results. Thanks for documenting and sharing with us, Dewayne.
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    Dewayne, Thanks for taking the time to snap some pictures and share your process....It's greatly appreciated! I really like the look of those pulls. A couple of years or more ago I purchased a vacuum bag, but it's still in the box. Your post just might get me motivated.

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    Great tutorial and design.
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    Dewayne, mucho thanks for this fine documentary. I will be doing some bent lamination for a dining room buffet cabinet in the next month or two. I'll use some of what you showed here for sure. I like your large bottom platen. Does it bow at all?

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    For those interested in vacuum veneering. I bought the project V2 vacuum venture kit and polyurethane bag from I found this to be the most economical and effective alternative to fit my budget and needs. It has performed very well. Heres the link.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Vacuumpress002_zpsf86db55d.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Those are very nice and unique, not going to see something like that at IKEA are you

    Just the kind of touch that really makes a handmade piece of furniture that much more special.

    I've always wanted to add a vacuum bag to my set up, I have a very good vacuum pump I use on the lathe.

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    Nicely done, I really like the way those look.

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    Very cool pulls and process Dwayne. As Stu said really makes your piece a one of a kind.

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    Great looking pulls, Dewayne! Good job!!!

    I've done a boat load of bentwood lamination over the years using an old refrigeration evacuation pump. The venturi systems I've seen make a lot of noise. How loud is the one you got?
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