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Thread: Best birthday gift ever!

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    Best birthday gift ever!

    Couldn't decide where I should post this as it would probably fit in a number of different topics, flat work, turning, carving, metalwork, hand tools, leather work etc. etc.....any-way’s, USPS dropped off a package today from Ryan Mooney, and he sent me these for my birthday...I'm still at a loss for words...For those who may have missed it, Ryan posted a great thread {here} on how he goes about creating these...Thank you Ryan, they will be cherished as well as used!

    My apologies for the sad lack of photography skills, these shots don't do these tools or Ryan's craftsmanship much justice at all... but the tools and the thought hit the mark of my heart! Thanks again Ryan!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Way to go, great posting recipient and great job recipier!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Those look familiar

    Great stuff from one good guy to another
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    Glad you like it!

    Mixed it up a bit this round and went with a buckskin roll for the knife and awl instead of a box.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys make with them

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    That's first class in more ways than one! Very well done, Ryan, and may they serve you well, Ken.
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