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Thread: Moving shop

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    Moving shop

    Learnt a lesson yesterday....don't horde wood and then move shop.

    My new mission will be to use up the wood I have and then I will try to only buy wood on a per project basis.

    Have been through several strategy iterations from having no wood, to having wood on hand and frankly neither worked.

    Either I felt the wood was more worthy than my project and therefore purchased more for whatever I was doing or I felt I never had the right wood.
    Either way I then tried stocking up with wood and now when it came to moving ....oh boy what a schlep. We nearly wiped ourselves out yesterday being impatient and moving my dolly with the wood on.
    Had a flat bed trailer from U Haul with a ramp. Had offloaded the plywood I keep on one side. Then I was all for unloading the other side but this time my dear tough chick wife decided let's give it a try and push it on.
    Well we got it on with a huff and a puff. Then came off loading and trust me u don't want to be in the way of a lopsided weighted wood storage dolly. It rolled down ramp and toppled over. I had made it clear to Linda to stand back and what will be will be. Should have set up a video camera because I knew what was going to happen but there comes a time when a good husband does not negotiate with the tired boss.
    Boom. Wood everywhere. No bad words were said. I just asked boss to leave me in peace while I repaired dolly and put wood back in a and moved it into place.

    Boy how I have regretted buying that cherry tree in the rough. Larry if u read this trust me next time I will listen attentively.
    Hope I can get my jointer going at this place because I am going to make one heck of a lot of cutting boards or have a real good winter bonfire.

    Must say I challenge any other lady at 55 to do what my dear wife did yesterday helping me move cast iron. Feel sorry for any potential mugger that dares to get in her face, they will need a doctor and hospital after she is one strong tough woman.

    Other tip I have is make everything mobile and get rid of any cheap castors.
    And put casters on your workbench.! That's something I will be doing now.
    Anyhow shop is moved this week movers will move furniture and then comes sorting out the mess.

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    I'm with you on the wood storage. I've got a small stash, but most is left over stock from other projects. I've got a couple hundred board feet at my sisters for helping them cut up trees, but have yet to go get any of it. I figure it's better stored in her barn than in my way. Haven't figured out what I'll do with it anyway.

    Don't be hurting yourself like you did on the last move now, let them movers take the brunt of it.

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    Good advice rob! I've got a hoard of wood that I would seriously like to work my way through.

    Congrats on moving!
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    When we moved from Florida to Georgia in 2006, I had a fair sized stash of wood on storage racks I had built above the garage doors (10' ceiling). I had a mix of cherry, walnut and mahogany along with other junk wood. Moving the wood and all my shop tools was a task in itself, but I also moved all of our household belongings. I had an enclosed 12' v-nose trailer hooked to my F150 and made six major trips with it. We gave away quite a bit of stuff before moving!

    After getting my shop pretty well settled in the new location, I bought mahogany and oak for specific projects and acquired some walnut from a special friend. My wood supply is now about the lowest it's been in many years because I'm finished with the large projects for our home. The main thing I need to do with my wood stash now is to haul it all outside, blow out the shop and reload everything in an orderly manner. Yeah, right..........
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    You can never have too much wood, too many clamps or too much caribou jerky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Good advice rob! I've got a hoard of wood that I would seriously like to work my way through.
    Yup, that was my plan for this year.

    Instead I added another 20 large peppermill blanks for various exotics and some nice little pieces of blackwood and a bit of rosewood (so pretty!!). I'm getting better though because I skipped the second sale on ebony (and the first one I only bought a small pile of off cuts).

    I can tell you one thing though it would be a pretty small amount that moved if I was moving. I've been through that rodeo before (loml is still made about some of the things I "forgot" to pack - well we haven't replaced them now have we so we didn't need them either!).

    The yarn room will be another truck load, but at least its all light Except the loom but its nothing like the arn.

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    I hope things go easier when I move shop Rob. I have a little gal with several names one which could be Roberta Cat with her forks installed & several pallets I could move things from storage fairly easy.

    I hope your move goes well.
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    Rob, I do not envy moving at all. You have my sympathies. You have gotten good advice on not hurting yourself on this large project called moving. If we were closer I would be there with truck, trailer, straps, ramp and moving dolly. Sorry my friend, I cannot be there physically to help you.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    You can never have too much wood, too many clamps or too much caribou jerky!

    As you've seen, Rob, my solution to excess wood inventory is to set up more warehouse racking in the hayloft and seriously consider a third floor across the top of it and a gantry crane to make it all work.

    Deb and I were just discussing this, Rob, and our opinion is in line with yours: Linda's definitely a candidate for the Good Woman Award. I'm glad there were no injuries or property damage this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    ...The yarn room will be another truck load, but at least its all light Except the loom but its nothing like the arn.
    When LOML and I moved from CA to NM last year, I was giving her a hard time about all the plastic bins of Christmas (and Halloween) decorations she had. But after moving all my shop tools and guitar gear, she rightly pointed out that at least all her junk is a lot lighter weight than mine. My brother-in-law made a similar observation when we were moving stuff from the storage lockers into the new house. Seems like every time we'd load the truck, I'd end up grabbing a plastic bin with Christmas wreaths in it, and he'd grab one full of turning blanks or bench vises.
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