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    These Domino threads seem to always go south. I'm going to ask some pretty specific questions so please stay on topic. This is not a loaded question and I have no agenda here. Just looking for information. I don't want this to turn ugly.

    I am thinking about selling my Kreg pocket hole jig and PC biscuit joiner to help finance a Domino. I know selling them won't come close to providing the funds to buy it but it would soften the blow a little. My question is:

    Would there be any reason why I would regret getting rid of either of these two tools? In other words, is there any functionality that the biscuit joiner or pocket hole jig provides that the Domino would not?

    Just to qualify a little bit, my upcoming projects include a lot of built-in cabinetry using both hardwood and sheet goods. Tables and bookshelves also. I also have a lot of shop projects on my plate.

    Do not factor cost into this discussion. Let's keep it to functionality only.

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    If I only built fine furniture I might do what you are thinking about doing. But for what you are planning on doing I would never give up my pocket hole jig. I think that you would regret giving it up but I suppose that you are the only one that knows how much that you use it.

    I will qualify my statement with the fact that I do not have the Domino but I have seen their videos and am basing my statement on what I see there. If it were me and I really wanted a Domino I would just save up a bit longer and keep my pocket hole tools.
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    Ditto what Alan said....

    I just finished demolition and prep for granite countertop installation in my kitchen. I added framing to the exhisting cabinet carcasses, and shelfing below. My Kreg pocket jig was indispensible in doing this. I think you would soon regret selling it.

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    I wouldn’t give up either of them. I don’t own a domino but it seems the each of the 3 tools overlap to some degree.
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    To know if you'd regret losing arguably two of the most popular/useful/pervasive tools in most woodworkers shops, you really need to look at your reasons for buying the Domino.

    A solid and deeply honest evaluation of your decision to buy it is in order, I would think. Pro/Con lists are still very helpful to me.

    Is it more useful than what you have now?
    Can it be financially justified?
    Do you want it because it's cool?
    Does it's coolness outweighing it's usefulness?
    Will it perform better than what you have now?
    Will it save you time?
    Will it increase the quality of your work?
    Can it be done cheaper?
    Can it be done with your existing tools?
    Will your use of it last you? (This is a tricky one)

    These are the obvious ones. There are a ton more, but i'll get a cramp from typing 'em all.

    Bottom line for me is to assess the reasoning behind the desire first. Then after that, I deliberately try to talk myself out of it. If I can't find reasonable justification, i don't buy it.

    I do things weird, though. People get annoyed when I'm walking through a store with just one thing in my hand. If I think twice about it for even half a second, I put it down and leave. If i later decide to get it, the same exercise happens. People hate that about me, sometimes.

    I've been writing all of this with this nagging thought that i've tried to avoid, but think it's worth mentioning even a little. I sure hope it doesn't incite the natives. This Domino thing sure seems like a nifty invention. But i've never been an early adopter. When new stuff comes out, I see lots of people flock to buy 'em and that's great. It's just not me. I feel somehow "sheeplike" if i succumb to those impulses. If I can't justify something I want, ususally this is the real reason I want it. I try very hard to avoid letting those reasons lead me down a path I may regret in the end.

    Hopefully, you've already been down this process, or whatever process works for you. But my opinion is that a Kreg Jig and a PC Biscuit joiner are time-tested devices that perform incredibly useful tasks very quickly. I wouldn't like it if I replaced them with a Domino and discovered that the thing cost me more (time and $$) to use in those handy quick setups that the Kreg took care of for pennies and seconds.

    Gut? Nah, it's a trendy device to me. I'll wait till 3-4 other people make one and get the price down. Besides, I wouldn't use it enough to justify the current price, much less half that.
    Jason Beam
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Currently I have no interest in the Domino.

    And I do not plan on getting rid of my pocket cutters, and biscuit jointer.

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    Hey Rob,
    To get back on topic, I can't think of any functionality that a biscuit jointer or pocket screws have that the domino wouldn't, except maybe Greg's example of working on something already installed, but even that could probably be done.

    The smallest domino is 5mm, which can get into a pretty small space. If you are looking at face frames and shelves, there are lots of examples of how to do that with a domino at the or

    I never was a big fan of biscuits or pocket hole screws. I had the tools, but they pretty much sat there and gathered dust. After I bought the domino, I sold the biscuit jointer and if I can ever find the kreg stuff , it goes too. I wind up using my domino on just about every project I do.
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    I have an excellent biscuit joiner and would give it up way before my pocket hole jig. On the other hand if you have the full blown, bench mounted version, you could pick up a mini or a Rocket reasonably.

    This of course assumes you are doing work that would be appropriate for pocket holes; a quick cabinet would be appropriate, a Maloof rocker knock-off would not

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    I've read some good reasons to keep the pocket hole jig. The biggest is the "no clamps or waiting for the glue to dry" function of it. I do agree with that and for that reason, I am leaning toward keeping it.

    The biscuit joiner? Haven't read a good enough reason to keep it.

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    "The biscuit joiner? Haven't read a good enough reason to keep it."

    Can you get enough out off it to justify getting rid of it?

    Do you have enough need for the Domino to justify its purchase or do you just want one?
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