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Thread: What? It's Friday Again? 12-11-2015

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    What? It's Friday Again? 12-11-2015

    Wow, this week flew by. Things have been busy around here, but I have the day off, so I hope to capitalize on it and get some stuff done around the house. I need to replace the HID headlight bulbs in my SUV. I've been driving a one-eyed Lexus for a few weeks now. I hope it's the bulb and not the ballast. On the RX300 the ballast is apparently somewhere deep inside the front end, and you nearly have to remove the front grille and bumper to get to it.

    I also have some more Christmas decorations to get put up for Kian, as well as go over to my dad's place to visit for a bit and put up a little lighted tree for him.

    Then there's the ongoing ceiling fan project that's been crawling along for a couple of weeks. I plan to finish the texturing on the ceiling patch, and maybe I'll get around to shortening the downrod.

    And lastly, I need to drop a new set of strings on one or two of the guitars I'll be using tonight at the Dragonhorn, a local pub where the band plays monthly.

    Most of Saturday I'll be working at the little store where Kian's working. It's a chile specialty shop (the Chile Addict...they sell any and everything to do with chile) and this is their busy season. I'll be parked by the door doing loss prevention.

    Sunday will start out at the shooting range with my practical shooting club, and finish at the Chile store again.

    So...what are you all doing this weekend?
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    Well this being the first week end I have free since mid October I need to do some catching up on chores. No football to watch since The Cardinals cinched their playoff spot by beating the Vikings last night. (11-3 go Cards). No NASCAR so no race to watch either. I am sure LOML will have me doing the decorating the house for Christmas. Since the weather has cooled off I might make some soup tomorrow too.
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    Making some chili. Its raining here and the temperature has dropped 20º. Soup is good in this kind of weather. Lots of paperwork this weekend. My current church gig end on Dec. 31. Have to get paperwork updated in anticipation of the next assignment.

    Also need to get corrected paperwork to the county by Monday. And there is a stack of mail begging for attention.

    On a side note, your prayers are solicited for complete healing of my foot. Things are going real slow and being diabetic, there is the possibility that it may never completely heal. Was a real downer hearing that today.

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    since it is our anniversary (12 yr now), i guess i'll be spending the day with the wife.
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    Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Dan!

    I started my day today going to the lab for blood work first thing - fasting and all that! I'll find out Tuesday how loud the doc yells at me.

    Did a little grocery shopping with LOML - thought the presence of my company would be good for her! I'm in my shop now, running a small job on my CNC to make a part for my CNC.

    I've been doing some updates to my CNC and will get photos to create a post later today or Saturday.

    Saturday will be more shop time - some cleanup along with a little CNC work.

    Sunday - well, as Don said, "NO NASCAR". So, I guess we'll have to figure out another way to pass the afternoon!!!
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    Thanks for reminding me. I was supposed to go for blood work yesterday, and I didn't No special plans this weekend.

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    Mowed the leaves for last time. Now let it rain. Got a 15 by 18 cutting board to finish for brother in Albuquerque. Can't let him use a bamboo board.
    Elementary basketball game tomorrow after a funeral for a friend. He has been down for some time so not surprised.
    Christmas decorating finished this week maybe a little tweaking around the edges. Relax and not cuss some of the NASCAR drivers.
    Best to all.

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    I will be on the CNC machine. Once I get it working, I wanna do some SERIOUS cutting.

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    Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Dan!
    Family coming for Christmas and I'm behind in making presents, but 'she' decided we need to paint the guest bedroom and I had to help (do most of the painting). We also continued the tradition of buying a 14' tree that takes four men to lift. This was cut yesterday and delivered to the back deck. Today, I managed to get the stand on and got it standing upright with the help of a couple of snatch blocks and my truck. It's drinking a gallon of tree saver water every day. When the time comes, I will have to call on neighbors to help lower it, wrap it up, get it in the house and back up on it's feet again. Dunno about this week end....maybe next. Hoping for some shop time to get caught up on presents in between chores.

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    Its moving weekend for us ...but I ain't doing the moving just traffic directing
    Also have the start of Xmas party season I end up with many more than one to go to.
    Then when dust settles on the move I might get to work out how I am going to get into the garage. Can't walk in there right now.
    Got office moved this week and setup. Was a mission. Good thing is I now have real high speed internet 100mbs down and 10mbs up which finally makes remote access to my server worthwhile bothering with.

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