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Thread: Convertible changing table #1,2&3

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    Convertible changing table #1,2&3

    I have built three of these changing tables. The design allows the piece to be converted to a small dresser when the child grows out the diapers. Here is the first piece I built.

    After building the first table for my son in 2006 I was contacted by Woodcraft magazine and asked if I would like to write a project plan. I would have to build the project all over again and document each step with photos and notes. There’s a bit of an evolution in design of the pulls for the changing tables I have built as I was not satisfied with the pulls I designed for the first table.

    I came up with this design for the second changing table. The project plan was published in Woodcraft magazine issue 13 Nov 06 project #57.

    At the time I did not need a second changing table so I sold the piece I built for the project plan publication. In 2008 we were blessed with twin girls and my wife wanted another changing table.
    I quickly built a third changing table but decided I would build the drawers when the time came to convert it.

    Now having 3 children and working 55 to 60 hours a week I put woodworking aside for about 6 years. I recently completed the drawers for the 3rd changing table and again changed the pull design. I wanted a single large pull that is strong and complements the piece. The new pulls are a bent lamination of cherry and maple and joined to the drawer front by contrasting walnut dowels and long grain for a rock solid glueup.

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    Wow, awesome job on those. Love the detail in those handles.

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    Those are some fantastic pieces! Really nice that they get dual use!
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    Those are all sharp Dewayne, really like the curlie maple sides

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    Really nice, DeWayne. What finish did you use? Something popped that curl nicely.

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    Mighty impressive Dewayne
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    Pretty work. Good examples of how changing the pulls change the look of a piece. Iteration 2 with the drawers gets my vote. Congratulations for your published article.

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    Those are three beautiful examples of slight changes really making the impression different. Beautiful work.

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    Great job on all three, and it's neat to see the evolution of the design. I like the looks of drawer pulls on #1 and #2, but I'd bet the ones on #3 are more functional. And add my congrats for the ink!
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    Thanks for the comments friends. The true colors of the cherry and maple in the 3rd version pics are not well represented due to lighting and my flash. I tried to photo edit them as the origionals where washed out from the flash. The single pull design was a rsult of complaints from my wife about the difficulty of opening the two handled drawers with one hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    Really nice, DeWayne. What finish did you use? Something popped that curl nicely.
    For many of my finishes I use a oil and poly mix over a seal coat of shellac. Here it is as written by David Knipfer, a major inspiration and motivating atribute to my woodworking education.

    Be sure to head the warnings about properly handling and disposing of oily rags and aplicators. These things can and will start fires.

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