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Thread: Price Pfister a great comany to deal with

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    Price Pfister a great comany to deal with

    Nine years ago when we built this house our contractor who built this house installed a faucet in the kitchen like this one.Click image for larger version. 

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    about 4 years ago it started leaking around the handle. Our son who used to work at Lowes said that since it was made by Price Pfister it had a lifetime warranty. I was out of town at the time so he went ahead and contacted them and they sent out the a new ceramic valve disc which he replace and the problem was solved this was at no charge. Recently it had gotten hard to turn the yoke from side to side and the plastic seat where the faucet sets into the yoke broke so now when it retract is doesn't sit in just right. I looked on the web site and they said as long as the original owner still owns the house it is under warranty. I contacted customer service and explained the problem and he looked us up in the computer from last time verified the address and is sending out the new parts at no charge. He even apologized for the inconvenience I guess they say life time warranty they mean lifetime. I have no connection with the company but I must say after nine year I am more than pleased.
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    That's great service!

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    Great service. I just went through the same thing with our Moen kitchen faucet....guaranteed for life to original owner. I think that's part of the built in cost of these things.

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    That's great, Don! It certainly encourages folks to deal with the right merchants.

    On the flip side, several years ago at our previous home in Florida, the kitchen faucet started leaking an little. It was Moen - lifetime warranty and all that. I contacted them, gave them the model number and they said they would send a replacement ceramic valve right away, which they did. Unfortunately, it was not the correct one for our faucet. My correspondence with them had been email, so I sent them a photograph of the item they sent me sitting beside the faucet assembly. It was obvious it was not a match. They insisted it was the only one that would fit that faucet, even when they could see it was impossible. I sent another email, repeating all of the previous information. That was over ten years ago and I haven't heard from them yet! We replaced the Moen with a Price-Pfister faucet. We have replaced all of the faucets in our current home as we did different remodeling projects. The one manufacturer that was not on our list for faucets was Moen. No, they haven't gone out of business but I'm sure we aren't the only ones who have related bad experiences with them.
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    Good deal...just installed a Pfister faucet last night in the kitchen. Well mostly...My ignorance has led to about 15ft of copper being replaced tonight when I get home. I did get to have 2 showers yesterday though!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    Good deal...just installed a Pfister faucet last night in the kitchen. Well mostly...My ignorance has led to about 15ft of copper being replaced tonight when I get home. I did get to have 2 showers yesterday though!!

    I hate plumbing!
    Aw man, and I'll bet you didn't even get a video! (Although I'd only want to see the shower in the kitchen. The other shower...not so much. )
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