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Thread: Bessy 6" clamp six pack at Home Depot

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    Bessy 6" clamp six pack at Home Depot

    A month ago these were put out at $ they are down to $15. I picked one up last week when they were $18.

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    I'll have to have a look for these. HD Canada has dropped its Irwin products, and the Bessey products are so new that they don't have pictures in the webpage yet. With the US buck at $1.40 Cdn, it'll be interesting to see how they are priced here. They don't list this package.

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    Thanks Jeff, ordered and will pick up later today.

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    I had 6 of those and saw that they were on sale for 15.00, picked up 12 more of them, they are a great size to have

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    They are a steal at $15 for six.

    Just don't expect them to be anything remotely close to the quality of the German Bessey Clamps or the US made Jorgensen (Pony). These are cheap cast Chinese stuff and are HEAVY. At that price, they are great for somebody that doesn't have anything or, in my case, not enough of the better ones in that size.

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    On my way over to HD to pick some up
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    I picked up 4 packs at $16 they are all out at my local HD now

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    Probably going to have to order online, doubt they are still on the shelves.

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    I checked my HD today and the box I looked at had three packs left. I checked later and there was just one pack left in that box, so I picked it up...then I turned down another aisle and there were two more large display boxes full of the clamps, so I put the one I had back thinking they had so many they would mark them down again next week. We shall see.

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