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Thread: Looking at the Calendar I see that It's Friday so what ya'll got planned

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    Looking at the Calendar I see that It's Friday so what ya'll got planned

    Christmas is just a week away and LOML is busy with her Christmas baking and decorating. So my job is to be ready to lend a hand. Other tan that no real plans for the weekend. I will be watching the Cardinal play the eagles. Hopping for another road win. Now that they ave clinched a playoff spot they are working on getting home field advantage for the playoffs. What what you guy got on your plate.
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    I start 2 weeks of vacation will be spending the majority in my shop building a dresser with a removable changing top for my newest grandchild coming late February

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    Annual holiday get together with friends tonight. Tomorrow the wife will be shopping so the girl and I will most likely be in the shop completing a framed mirror project we started for the wife. That's all I have planned...short 3 day work week next week and then only 2 days the following one! Hope the good weather holds so I can get the shop cleaned to make room for a cabinet/shelves project I have coming up.
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    Annual Lions Club Christmas party tonight
    I just started making 2 American Girl doll beds for 2 of my grand daughters. I'll work on those most of Saturday.
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    Christmas vacation starts tonight. Back the stock trailer to the alley way, selling a load of fat hogs tomorrow. Stopping on the way home and picking up 3 donkeys for the grandkids Christmas presents. Sunday then hauling home a 40' elevator. Monday supposed to rain so may lay around, seem to be catching a cold.

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    I'm starting vacation after today, though I think I'll probably be watching the grandson a day or two next week. I'm thinking about installing a kitchen floor next week, it's been sitting in my garage for a couple of years now, hopefully there is enough. May brew some barley pop next week and have several other shop projects to complete.

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    Still trying to figure a way to get that 200 lb Christmas tree off the deck and into the house....maybe I'll just wait 'til after Christmas when there's not so much pressure. Gotta hustle to finish four cigar box guitars. Shopping is finally done. Thank you Amazon prime.

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    Wife wants to go spend tomorrow with the Grand baby. Other then that. Working.
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    I have a slab of Walnut 42" x 22" x 3-1/2" that is on the new CNC machine. I am planing and flattening it out. I am thinking of making a coffee table out of it.

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    I'm finalizing some updates on my CNC and preparing some cherry for carving today. We'll also start bringing plants in since we're forecast to have freezing temperatures tonight.

    Saturday, I'll have more shop time finishing some items I've cut on my CNC and doing a little straightening in my shop.

    Sunday will be our usual day: I'll prepare brunch, then we'll keep a fire going in the fireplace and just relax!!!
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