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    vanishing posts

    I was out of town for several days and couldn't check in with FW. Today, this morning, I logged in and clicked 'new posts', a whole bunch came up, three pages worth. I read about one fourth of them then had to leave for a while. When I came back and clicked 'new posts' again only about a half dozen came up. Apparently all my unread posts were discarded as no longer being 'new'. To me, being unread, they were still new.
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    This is purportedly a "Feature" of vBulletin ... drives me up a wall, too. I think Vaughan upped the timespan that this happens, but I'm still confronted with it from time to time - moreso on SMC, just because of the volume of posts.
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    Frank, I've had the same thing happen many times ... usually on SMC. So I think it is a fact of life with the VBulletin software. I skip reading SMC for a day or two, and then when I go and click "new posts" it gives me 5 pages of posts. I get half-way down, and then get interrupted. When I come back, I can read the articles on the current page, but if I try to click 'next' to go to page 4 or 5 it tells me they're all gone. ** (ETA: well, they aren't really "gone", they just don't show up as new anymore. I can still find them by going to the individual sub-forums and looking through them -- they're listed with most-recent posts first)

    I just had an idea... if you go into the User CP, and click the "edit options" link, you could change the setting for how many posts to show on each page. Make it a big number like 100, and then you'll just get everything on one page. It's a bit of a kluge, but at least you won't have to click 'next page' and have things not show up.

    just a thought.
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    Under quick links there is a "Todays Posts" It will at least show todays read or not.
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    Actually Frank, I saw you were logged in, so I started "poofing" posts before you could read them.

    Kidding, of course. Jason, Art and Jeff
    are correct. This is pretty much how vBulletin does it. I've tried making a few changes, but they don't seem to affect it the way we'd like them to. Drives me up a wall, too.

    Like Jeff said, the "Today's Posts" is a bit better, since the posts you've read (or that vBulletin thinks you've read) are still displayed.
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    Use the following sequence:

    Search | Advanced Search | Search Options (on bottom-left corner) | Find Posts from ---> select time frame desired.

    That makes it so much easier! You will have to skim through the posts to find the last post you read, but it allows you to go back and get caught up in your reading .


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