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Thread: Denatured Alcohol Warning

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    Denatured Alcohol Warning

    Yep it's flammable. Dat's not what I want to post about.

    Hu posted a little post about DNA and what's in the can.

    Turns out, like Hu said, some of those cans contain as much as 75% METHANOL - which is NOT ETHANOL.

    They look the same smell the same, flash off, almost the same - but they are NOT the same.

    I know - "something" is added to the ethanol, otherwise it would be some inexpensive booze. That something is Methanol.

    Soo - what's the BAD about it?

    It's really BAD to even touch it. Ethanol it not bad, even good, but NOT so for Methanol.

    I found Parks Pure DNA as the highest percentage so far at 85% ETHANOL. The others are 15-50% where MOST are in the 15% range.

    I don't know about you, but DNA does touch my hands. Actually, a lot. I will expire the DNA I have now and when I replace it - I will be SURE it is mostly Ethanol.

    I am glad HU posted it. I just want to be sure more people read it.

    The can is not labeled with contents - you NEED to read the MSDS

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    sounds like it's time to get some corn and a little sugar and make my own.....hmmmm I wonder where I can buy copper sheets cheap.
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    Don, you would not be the first. Just gotta watch out fer those blasted reveneuers

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    I see this pop up several times a year on various sites. No need to get complicated or overly expensive for us folks who don't use large volumes; just use the Klean Strip "green" product from the BORG, decent ventilation and disposable gloves; no problems. The only downside is that it does not appear to come in anything but quarts. As a disclaimer I should state that I seldom dissolve my own shellac from flakes or buttons. I also don't spray shellac often or on any large scale so what I find acceptable as a "carrier" may differ.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I know there are other products out there but, on the west coast the Klean Strip line is readily available. I did used to use the Klean Strip SLX stuff which is way high in methanol; no thanks. Like Leo, I do get the stuff on my hands and this post will help me reaffirm my use of gloves. Disposable gloves dirt cheap (versus the things they protect us from) and easy enough to use. I am just guilty of not wanting to walk over to where the box is for "just this one thing" .
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