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Thread: lathe area redo

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    lathe area redo

    I redid my lathe area the other day. I had a bed extension on the lathe and used the extra capacity maybe twice in the last couple of years. I had the grinder across the shop on another cabinet. I took the extension off and brought the grinder to the lathe bench. I built the back so I could put the light over the lathe. It's against the garage door and I didn't have any place for a light and it's kind of dark in this area.

    It also allowed me to move my workbench to the place where the lathe was against a wall. This will let me build a wall hanging tool cabinet for my hand tools over the bench and get them all in one location. I will also get better natural light at the bench now.

    It is the garage and on occasion I put a vehicle inside to work on when it's cold or hot outside and this arrangement let's me do that much easier.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done. BTW, while you are in the mood, my shop needs some rearranging...............
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    Well thought out, everything close. My shop needs cleaning.
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    Looks good, the extra light will definitely be a nice feature. I like the little paper towel and finishing supplies shelf there, that looks plumb handy!

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    Great-looking setup, John.

    When you get done at Frank's place, you wanna come over and help me set mine up?
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    Nice setup John, love the idea of the light overhead, mine could use that. I did recently take my bench light and move it to my lathe, but that really brighten's things up. Like the fact you an open the garage door and blow all the chips outside to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Great-looking setup, John.

    When you get done at Frank's place, you wanna come over and help me set mine up?
    I'm much closer, you won't have to travel so far to do mine.
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