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Thread: An Epiphany, of sorts...

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    An Epiphany, of sorts...

    No, not the January 6th Epiphany, but a sudden realization came to me. I was watching a Cap'n Eddie video on making an Easy Wood type tool out of " bar stock, when it occurred to me that these things are really scrapers. So, I can remain a retro grouch, and still us this kind of tool where I would use a scraper, particularly when I get to doing hollow forms. I use my scrapers a lot in finishing the inside of bowls, and the size of the Easy Wood tools suggests they may be able to get into places I have trouble with.

    Just a thought, and Cap'n Eddie shows how to make them without a lot of fuss and bother. Roll on spring; I've got work to do!
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    Robo hippy pretty much agree's with you..

    There are also carbide cutters with a bit of a wing on them like the hunter system (actually I'm not sure anyone else is selling anything like these?)
    closer view here:

    You could argue that these are somewhat like a scraper with an aggressive burr, but I think? they're more like a ring or hook tool.

    There is also the argument about what shear scraping is actually doing and how much it is or is not like a skew

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    You're right...the typical carbide tools like the Easy Wood tools are just very robust scrapers. Very handy ones, at that.

    A word of advice based on experience: Not all carbide cutters are created equal. I've used a lot of different ones from different suppliers, and by far, the ones sold by Craig at Easy Wood Tools are the best. They are sharper than any others I've used, and they seem to hold their edge longer. Craig's cutters are quite a bit more expensive than the ones you can buy in bulk online from Grizzly or on eBay, but they are worth it in my opinion.

    And Ryan's right about the Hunter carbide cutters. They are more like a ring or hook tool than a scraper. Another very handy tool in the arsenal, especially for end grain cutting.
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    I don't have any of the Easy Tools or Hunters, but I do use scrapers of all shapes on my bowls. Mainly hardwood. I always seem to get big catches (gashes) using them on cottonwood or hackberry. I guess due to the variety of traditional scrapers available and in my weapons locker, I never paid much attention to Easy's or Hunters. I've seen a couple of vids on them and it was kind of obvious that they are just another type of scraper. I guess I am just too cheap to try one. I probably ought to though. Never know. I might like it.

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