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Thread: Wave Cabinet

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    Wave Cabinet

    Not sure what the need for this style would be but....Interesting none the less.
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    More of an art piece than furniture, but very cool nonetheless.
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    This device would be useful to my FIL, he is 86 and still cuts his fire lumber with an axe or with a chain saw, at his age he gets tired of lifting the chainsaw and moving it up and down to cut the logs, so I think that a branch is lighter to move than the chainsaw, and it gets lighter and lighter with each cut.
    To improve safety I would make the chain run between two pieces of sheet metal to avoid accidental contact, those two pieces would have an lightly inclined notch big enough to accomodate the biggest branches that one would cut, and in between the pieces occupying part of the notch I would place the accelerator lever so that when placing a branche on the notch it would accelerae and the branch would be pressed against the notch by the advancing chain.
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    I love it and I would love to build one. But I have no idea where to start. I am sure that stock selection is the most important part of the build and if he splits his own I am sure he is able to select it. One would have to split a lot of wood.

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    Obviously the guy who built it doesn't have young kids. The noise would drive me nuts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    Obviously the guy who built it doesn't have young kids. The noise would drive me nuts
    That's what I was thinking about the noise. I would hate to spend a lot of time building that then have the wife tell me its too loud and get rid of it.
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    Very cool, but it kills my practical side.

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    Looks like fun.

    I don't know if I'd put that in my house.

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    It does look like fun, and is cool, and interesting. It may also inspire an practical application. Box lid?


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