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Thread: A Look at Stickley Today

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    A Look at Stickley Today

    A nice video showing some construction elements:
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    Thanks Glenn. A very good video that has me thinking about some construction details on my upcoming buffet cabinet.

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    Interesting related article about some of the older Stickley work. The short version is that glue blocks, screws and screwed on battens were more common than we might think. Its an interesting balance of high design and artistic woodworking versus the practicalities of production work.

    Unfortunately the DMA link at the bottom is broken, but you can see more pictures of a couple of the pieces if you search their site for "stickley"

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    Very cool, didn't realize they were still making furniture.

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    Their still making furniture. I get a few pieces in the shop every year to refinish, there finishes are sub-par.
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