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Thread: Did we miss Friday??

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    Did we miss Friday??

    It just occurred to me that it is Saturday, the ninth day of Christmas, and we didn't do our usual declaration of our plans for the weekend. Myself, I don't have any, but I am waiting for a friend of mine who said he was going to drop by today, but having known him for 59 years this year, I am pretty sure he won't make it. Tomorrow church, and that's all she wrote.

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    I didn't. got a little time in the shop and attended a friend's daughter's wedding.
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    We had the 5 grand kids and the 4 parents and us 2 old folk in my tiny house to celebrate our Christmas.

    Today, Saturday, I am doing some clean up in the shop and getting ready to get back into the kitchen remodeling project.

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    We had family in for the Holidays. We had the wife's, son's, daughter, grand kids, and friends. All have left now, and I can start to repair the garage door. Its a metal rollup door that somehow bent where the opener attaches, have to investigate why. Then some shop time.


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    CNC build today. And maybe tomorrow afternoon. Yippee!

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    I didn't think about Friday for a couple of reasons, I guess. Mainly, with the holidays falling as they did, it seems like we've had four Sundays or Saturdays or whatever day of the week. My schedule has been all messed up all this week because I came down with a case of flu-like symptoms, head and chest congestion, along with just feeling totally blah!!! I was moving along nicely in my shop last Monday, then Tuesday hit and I felt like garbage. The only shop-related activity I've done all week has been working on some drawings in VCarve, hoping something I want to try will work out OK. Anyway, I should be back in shop mode by Monday, even if only for half a day.
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    Friday was half way through Thursday for me, but been good so far. Spent most of yesterday with the grandson, then the other half assembling the pinball machine. Today was half spent at the dealer getting oil change and other stuff done, got my xmas lights all down (still need to put away), and played around with the pinball some more. Planning to go see the new Star Wars movie this weekend sometime, but being lazy otherwise.

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    I've been in the shop painting all week. Think I'll take Sunday off.
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    The Christmas and News Years days plus my wife's crazy school vacation has totally screwed up my knowing what day of the week it is

    Went to bed at 10:00 pm new years eve and got up early Friday am to visit one of my daughters and 3 of my grand kids in Vermont 3 hour ride each way

    Today has been simply vegging out. Tomorrow Church then more relaxation.
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    Spent part of Friday helping to do some work at my dad's place. He's had a roof leak in the bedroom, and he had scheduled a roofer to come replace the roof on that part of his house. Then the heart attack the week before Christmas, as well as the snowfall and freezing daytime temps, has delayed getting the roof work done. He's in a rehab hospital now, and scheduled to be released in about a week. (We're hoping to convince him to go to an assisted living facility, at least for a month of so until he gets a bit stronger.) So Friday, as we wait for a workable time when the roofers can fix the roof, we pulled out carpet from the bedroom and office, and pulled down the sections of the drywall ceiling in the bedroom that were water damaged. Next step will be to get some mold mitigation people in to handle mold caused by the roof leak. The rest of Friday was spent visiting with my niece and her family, who headed back to California today.

    Today has been a combination of band rehearsal (with a band I recently joined -- still playing with my main band, too) and a birthday party for one of my nephew's kids. The rest of this evening will involve sinking a tap root and becoming a couch potato.

    Sunday I'm planning to install a new HID headlight kit in LOML's Honda Accord. Knowing my affinity for working on cars (especially in cold weather), I'd be willing to wager that some new curse words will be invented before the end of the day.
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