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Thread: Doll Beds

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    Doll Beds

    3 of my grand daughters asked me (Santa ) for beds for their American Girl doll. Each wanted a different color of course.

    I found half baked plans online for a fairly simple design and after a few changes came up with these.

    I'm having a tough time getting the Valspar spray paint to cure. It's remaining tacky. I'm thinking that maybe the basement is too cold (60 degrees) so I brought them upstairs to see if that helps.

    My wife is making mattresses for them out of foam. I think the girls will be thrilled

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nicely done Santa..... I mean Bob for sure they will love them looks like the inspector is about to give his bark of approval also

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    Very nice...and sturdy enough to survive those AGD's bouncing on the bed! I'm glad they didn't have those when my girls were little because I would have needed a second mortgage to get them dolled up

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    They will be well received Bob, You did a bang up job.
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    Bob, they look great. Hope the paint issues resolve themselves. I see some of these in my future for sure ... 4 grand daughters, as of now.

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    Nice job Grandpa, those turned out nice!

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    Those are real beauties, Bob! Your granddaughters will be proud to have them!!!
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    Great job! I'll bet they get a lot of use through the years.
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    They going to love those Grandpa and they will remember them in the years to come. Who knows they may even hand them down someday. Well done Bob. Looks like you even pleased the customer with their color of choice whats not to like about that. Next they going to be wanting the dolls names routed into the headboard.

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    Nicely done Bob, can see a few selling as pet beds as well
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