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Thread: 2nd Friday of a New year so what's everyone got planned.

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    2nd Friday of a New year so what's everyone got planned.

    I'll do my usual volunteer time at the food bank,people still gotta eat and then tomorrow I have to put away the Outdoor Christmas decoration assuming the weather co-operates. Sunday is Church and I may watch a little of the play off just to see who's gonna play the Cardinals next week end. I also sneak in a little time on my 1st electronic project in many many many years. Mostly doing design work and sourcing materials at this point.

    So what's everyone got planned.
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    Family movie night tonight. Taco pizza, popcorn and a yet to be determined movie. Tomorrow I should have a few hrs in the shop to complete my dust deputy cart (pics to follow). Might be the last day in the shop for awhile...old man winter is on the way. Sunday will be indoors with a fire, the Packers game and a pot of chili...high of 9 degrees!!
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    I think we're without the grandson tonight, so may get some trim started for the pinball cab. I've got a new processor coming for a different computer, so as cold as it's supposed to get I may just work on that too. Have lots of chores to do around the house and going through a "throw it all out" phase, so no telling what you'll find in our trash this next week.

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    Today, I'm running some test cuts on polycarbonate templates on my CNC. One more tweak and I should be good to go. This afternoon, we pick up our newest kitten, Bubba, from the vet - now he'll be known as Bubbette!

    Saturday will be some shop time - continued organization and playing with CNC stuff, of course!

    Sunday - usual routine - brunch, chill, etc........
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    Not much planned... my stepson is in for the weekend for his monthly home time, so pretty much do whatever he wants to do.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    It's supposed to be cold this weekend so hibernation time. Blower on furnace went out the other night, got that fixed so hopefully we're good to go.
    This afternoon need to finish cutting board for brother. Hate it when to cold to work in shop. Put last of Christmas stuff away. Whew!!!!!
    Then work on display for Christmas village next year. Needs painting and antiquing.
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    Today is helping a church cover its buildings in tarps as the roof completely failed with the heavy rain of this week. Can't do a lot, but I can cheer lead and 'holding other end.' Tomorrow is CNC time. Sunday I am preaching for a pastor friend. In between I am putting together the paperwork necessary to find another job.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2ponies.jpg 
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ID:	94133 Lou and I have purchased these two beauties for the grandkids. We bought three mini donkeys for them at Christmas time. This will be the first summer all 5 will have their own to call their own (however they decide the outcomes!) It is a craigslist buy so have been burned in the past with people selling early. Talked with these people, they preferred the ponies stay together and so we were the first to want both. Have 2 hour one way trip to get to them tomorrow. Once they are home and settled in and all things done, probably call it a day. Supposed to drop in temp and snow Sat. night into Sunday so looks like a good day to relax. Only have an hour of daylight after getting home with the bus and have hit it hard on the firewood splitting.

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    I'll be doing this later this evening with three of my best friends...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Saturday will be more guitar playing as I'm working on songs with another band where I'm replacing one of their guitar players. We have a show next weekend, and I still have a lot of learning to do.

    At this point it looks like Sunday will be mostly spent slounging around the house, although that could easily change between now and then.
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    We'll be catching up and getting back to normal after 2+ weeks away. Lots of new project ideas came to mind in our travels, and then there's a very nice piece of koa that followed us home....

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