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Thread: Garage Door Break-in

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    Garage Door Break-in

    A co-worker's daughter had her garage broke into. Apparently it was a case of them using a coat hanger to pull the emergency release on the garage door opener.

    This was the suggested remedy for securing the door in the future.

    Looks like HD carries them for $25, of course a determined thief will find another way, but thought it was a good solution.

    Of course baling wire works too, but not when you wife calls and says the garage door won't open.


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    I have been removing the rope from the mechanism for the past several homes. True, one could coat-hanger the actual little lever but, it is more trouble than they expect and they go elsewhere; cost = $0. A stick with a screw-eye in the end hung inconspicuously to one side of the door track or the other is handy when the mechanism need to be unlatched. I also lock the track since I only open the garage door when cutting unusually long stock or loading sheet material; neither happens often. I mean its not like people keep a car in there or anything
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    I had to remove the rope on the garage door at our current home, not because of a break-in but because we had a cat that loved to get on top of the car and play with the rope! Sure was frustrating to hop in the car, hit the opener and have nothing happen!!!
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